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Monitoring and Assessing - Cybersecurity Threats

Monitoring and assessing an IT infrastructure for cybersecurity threats is essential for businesses to ensure that their systems remain secure.

Regular assessments help to identify any potential vulnerabilities, enabling organizations to stay one step ahead of hackers and other malicious actors. Regular monitoring also helps organizations to quickly detect any suspicious activity, as well as respond quickly when a breach does occur. Companies need to invest in the right software and resources to make sure that their systems are properly monitored and assessed, ensuring the highest levels of security. By taking proactive measures, companies can protect themselves from potential cyber-attacks and reduce their risk exposure.





Of all cyber breaches impact businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees.

Our Approach to Assessing and Monitoring 


Email Security
Asset & Inventory Management
To secure your clinic, we first need to know what we are protecting. Having an effective inventory management system in place facilitates maintenance and repairs, making sure that IT operations can run smoothly with minimal disruption.
Penetration Testing
Penetration Testing
Penetration testing is an essential security measure for any business, as it helps identify and reduce vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cybercriminals. By simulating a real-world attack on the system's security infrastructure, penetration testing helps organizations quickly and effectively detect any weak spots before they can be used by malicious actors.
Dark Web Monitoring
Dark Web Monitoring
Dark web monitoring is an important tool in the fight against exposed passwords. By regularly scanning the dark web, we can detect any compromised credentials that may have been leaked or sold online. This allows your clinic to take action quickly and reset passwords before criminals are able to utilize them for malicious activities.
Vulnerability Scans
Vulnerability Scans
Through scanning and analysis of a system, businesses can detect any security weaknesses or vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors. These scans are especially important when dealing with client information, as it is highly sensitive data that should be kept secure at all costs.
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